Bart Haelterman


5 – 7 DECEMBER 2023



Bart Haelterman

R&D Director, Recticel Engineered Foams Belgium BV


Can you tell us about your role and what your day-to-day responsibilities look like?

As R&D Director I am responsible for the global R&D activities of Recticel Engineered Foams as well as the sustainability strategy. This embraces a very diverse set of activities which makes it very exciting. An especially interesting responsibility is the interweaving between R&D and sustainability topics and the period we are acting in, namely 2020-2030 which will be the decade of change.


Can you explain what your company does and how it fits within the materials supply chain?

Recticel Engineered Foams offers wide-ranging expertise, foams and systems, spanning industrial, automotive, and comfort applications. The Engineered Foams business line was founded on 31 March 2021, following the merger of FoamPartner, the Swiss-based global provider of high added-value technical foams, and the Recticel Flexible Foams business line. This resulted in a unique global manufacturing footprint with comprehensive foaming and converting technologies resulting in applications with silencing, sealing, filtering, carrying, protecting, supporting, and comforting attributes.


What are you most excited about learning at Foam Expo Europe and Adhesives & Bonding Expo Europe 2022?

I am excited to learn what progress the industry has made in the last year regarding sustainability!


Can you tell us about the topic you will be discussing at the event in November and why it is important for the audience to attend?  

I will be discussing carbon neutrality and sustainability. We are in the decade of change so constantly highlighting, challenging, and pushing the industry towards a more sustainable foam future will be my main driver and contribution to this year’s conference.


If you could have an all-expenses paid holiday anywhere in the world, where would you go?

I would go to the Grand Canyon and experience nature in its grandeur! Nature is our master and not vice versa as climate change is telling us today.