5 – 7 DECEMBER 2023



5 – 7 DECEMBER 2023



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About the conference

Foam Expo Europe Conference, co-located with Adhesives & Bonding Expo Europe, will bring together high-level representatives from a cross-section of the technical foam and adhesives supply chains. Their combined experience helps to foster an environment primed for innovation and the sharing of knowledge.

The free-to-attend conference will address key trends and challenges for the end user market as well as both supply chains. The event will focus on but not be limited to the automotive, aerospace, medical, packaging, construction, and sports & leisure industries.

New in 2022: to address the current challenges faced both in Europe and globally, the conference will be addressing supply chain disruptions, product traceability and risk mitigation. Join us to find out how other businesses are handling the situation.




2022 Speakers include


What will you gain from attending the conference?

Gain an understanding of next-generation foam technologies for your specific application and assembly line requirements

Learn about property and process improvements such as lightweighting and raw material additives

Stay up to date on regulatory changes affecting factors such as VOC and blowing agent emissions

Get updates on key industry drivers such as sustainability and end-user market trends



What will you gain from attending the conference?


An understanding of the latest material properties and capabilities to meet your application requirements

Insights into property and process improvements such as lightweighting and environmental efficiency

Updates on regulatory changes affecting factors such as VOC and blowing agents

The inside track on the competitive landscape and learn how best to foster innovation

There is no other tradeshow and conference that brings together the entire foam supply chain for all foam chemistries

Access to the world’s largest dedicated expo for the manufacturers and buyers of technical foam products and technologies


2022 Agenda at a glance

Day 1

Track 1 - Industry Megatrends and Environmental Sustainability

Opening Keynote - What is Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and What Has it Got to Do with Sustainability?

Opening Panel - How to Build Momentum: Implementing Material Carbon Reduction Strategy and Circularity Schemes for a Brighter Future

Opening Keynote – Localizing and Increasing Polyol Production to Alleviate Pressure on Global Supply Chains

Keynote - Sustainability Spotlight: Working to Ensure Environmental Sustainability in White Good Insulation Products

Keynote - Sustainability Spotlight: How Adhesives Become Sustainability Enablers

Keynote - Sustainability Spotlight: A Converters Perspective on Sustainable Flexible Polyurethane (PU) Foams - Practical Approaches and Applications

Panel Discussion - Sustainability Spotlight: Harnessing the Growing Potential for Bio-Based Materials and Honing their Mechanical Properties 

Panel Discussion - What Product Disassembly and Disbonding Could Add to you Circulatory Toolkit

Keynote - History of Autoclave Produced Foam: Out of the Rubber Industry and Into a League of its Own 


Track 2 - Material Development and Selection

Workshop - Material Simulation Workshop: Determining a Products Mechanical Properties and Performance

Workshop - Substrate to Substrate Workshop: Understanding the Benefits of Hotmelt Technologies for Resealable Gasket Applications   


Day 2

Track 1 - Material Properties and Application Development

Presentations - Property Spotlight: Optimizing Thermal Management and Resistance to Improve Product Safety and Performance

Presentations - Cutting through the Noise: Addressing Vehicle Acoustics with Noise Reduction Tyres   

Panel Discussion - Building a Better Future: Pioneering Product Development to Champion Sustainable Construction  

Presentations - Property Spotlight: Offsetting Structural Lightweighting with Durability to Ensure Optimal Safety and Mobility

Keynote - Translucent Foams: Exploring the Effects of Foam Properties on Level of Light Transmittance

Presentations - Property Spotlight: Taking Control of a Foams Density to Meet Application Needs Whilst Maintaining Product Resilience


Track 2 - Regulation and Additives

Workshop - Implementing Sustainable Certification Initiatives to Meet Regulation and Satisfy Consumer Demand

Workshop - Keeping Staff Up to Speed on Mandatory Diisocyanates Training Regulation

Workshop - Water Based Adhesives Adoption: Increasing Adoption and Assessing Energy Usage  









Day 3

Track 1 – Logistics and Manufacturing Efficiency

Keynote - Enforcing Product Traceability to Manage Environmental Impact and Avoid Unwanted Surprises

Panel Discussion - Supply Chain Diversification, Onshoring and Nearshoring: Strategizing to Disaster Proof Foam and Adhesives Businesses

Presentations - Reducing Manufacturing Carbon Footprint and Resource Usage to Meet Regulatory Standards and Minimise Waste

Keynote - Enabling Complex Foam Component Manufacturing with Next Generation Additive Manufactured Moulds

Keynote – Opportunities and Challenges of Implementing PCR PO Grades in Foam Applications























Who will attend?

Engineers involved at any stage of application development who are in the process of specifying a material solution for their application requirements

Foam converters and fabricators of foam materials who are looking to keep abreast of material developments and process optimisation

Foam manufacturers molding the future of their industry



Missed the 2022 Conference?


The audio and presentation files for Foam Expo Europe, co-located with Adhesives & Bonding Expo Europe 2022, are available to download, for free.